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The Captain

Captain Mike Sutherland was born and raised on these waters. He earned his captain's license as a teenager and has been at it ever since!

He knows how to get out of sticky situations and loves to find the good with any endeavor he undertakes.

Captain Mike will keep you safe during your best and worst times on the water. USCG  #2512159.


The Boat

The Boat...the experience

Big Tow was built in the 70's when designers weren't real sure how strong fiberglass was, so they laid it on thick.  They welded her tow bar deep into the stringers and designed a propulsion system that could pull an aircraft carrier off a jagged reef. 


We think she is gorgeous, gunnels lined with fenders and a huge cockpit for fishing, diving, recreating.  But, she ain't fancy, and she ain't fast. 


Big Tow is first and foremost a working vessel. She is also welcoming and comfortable.  


The Water

Grand Traverse Bay is a special place. We hope your boatings days are safe and trouble free. 

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